The journey of Delta Seeds began in 2004, with a simple idea – to provide rice farmers in developing economies with high-quality, modern seed technology, helping them sustainably realise higher crop yields. Delta’s world-class R&D, production and processing capabilities ensure we deliver extraordinary value to our farmers.

Equipped with such robust infrastructure, we are able to deliver seeds that help our farmers face a world in which climate change, depleting natural resources and a ballooning population are ever-present problems.

In such challenging circumstances, our resilient, high-quality seeds are the one constant that ensures farmers can not only survive, but thrive.

Farmer First

The core idea at the root of Delta’s philosophy is to empower farmers with better seeds and agri consulting, to ensurehigher yields.

Tech DNA

Powered by R&D, we keep pace with technology, ensuring an advanced and robust industrial infrastructure, ready for future growth.

Driven by Ethics

We are committed to growing our business organically, with our main focus on the quality and service we deliver to our farmers.

Committed to Excellence

Grown in-house, with the same farmers every season, we make sure we deliver seeds of the highest quality year after year.


I have been planting Sudha Hybrid for nearly eight years, and I have always been satisfied with it. I grow paddy to be sold and to be consumed at home, and my entire family enjoys the taste of Sudha.

Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh

Sudha! This paddy crop looks good in the field and the yield has always been more than that of my neighbouring fields. I will always plant Sudha and happily recommend it to my colleagues.

Chapra, Bihar

We plant nearly six acres of paddy every year on the hillside in our village, and we found that Delta Shanti is very good. It tastes good and and requires less water as well.

Tribal farmer

I have been selling Sudha Hybrid since I opened my retail store in 2011, and Delta has never disappointed me in terms of service or the quality of the seed. Safe company to deal with.

Seed Retailer
Farukhabad, UP

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